The Call of Cthulhu Investigator’s Handbook

76.5 هزار تومان

خب فکر نکنم هیچ کدوم از طرفدارای بازی های نقش آفرینی کتولهو را نشناسن. شاید تا به حال فرصت بازی کردنش رو نداشتن اما حتما اسمشو شنیدن. خب این راهنمای درست و درمون برای کتولهو و طرفداراش.


This book has been written for people who will be playing the roles of investigators in Call of Cthulhu games, and contains rules for creating investigator characters and a guide to playing, which includes information for games set in the era of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories—the 1920s—as well as contemporary settings. As well as this book, you will need gaming dice, pencils, notepaper, and some friends—one person must have the Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rulebook and act as the Keeper of Arcane Lore for the game.