Mini Six

55.5 هزار تومان

36 صفحه

اگر از مشتاقان و طرفداران پر و پا قرص بازی های نقش آفرینی هستین که هیچ. این کتاب رو از دست نمیدین.

اما اگر کمی اطلاعات بخواین باید بگم این کتاب یه داستان شیک و روان هم برای حرفه ای هاست و هم برای اونایی که تازه کارن یا حتی برای اولین بار میخوان با این فضا آشنا بشن. یه داستان جذاب داره که همه رو راضی میکنه و در عین حال مکانیزم ساده بازی که فقط با تاس های 6 وجهی معمولی بازی میشه یه بازی روان رو تضمین می کنه. برای همین کاملا به درد تازه کارا می خوره که بتونن دید خوبی نسبت به این فضا و کلا بازی های نقش آفرینی به دست بیارن.



Mini Six is a member of the OpenD6 family of games. It’s cinematic and flexible like its parent, but its goal is to be lighter and faster, keeping the heart of the system’s mechanics but streamling the rules. Pages four and five detail character creation while pages six and seven provide all the needed mechanics to play a complete game. Beyond these four pages are additional rules and options to expand your game. On pages 8 through 13 are rules that will only come up in some games, vehicles and magic. While 14 through 17 provide GM’s with a ready list of NPC’s and monsters to populate the game. Pages 18 and 19 provide rule variants to help change up the game to better fit the style of the campaign desired. On pages 20 and 21 the GM will find a little advice on creating the campaign and adapting other OpenD6 materials to their Mini Six games. Sarting on page 22 you will find five sample settings that are nearly ready to go as is. Pages 34 and 35 contain a character sheet and the Mini Six cheat sheet containing several useful charts to serve as a handy reference. What you won’t find in ths book are a lot of detailed examples, exhaustive rules to cover every possible scenario, or a large list of modifi ers. Instead, we are trusting GM’s, with the help of their players, to apply common sense to make the game fun for everyone. Don’t slow the game down by wasting time digging for rules that aren’t there. And most imporantly, when the rules confl ict with fun, fun wins.