Dungeon Master's Guide

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کتاب راهنما برای مسترهای DND.

IT'S GOOD TO BE THE DUNGEON MASTER! NOT ONLY do you get to tell fantastic stories about heroes, villans, monsters, and magic, but you also get to create the world in which these stories live. Whether you're running a D&D game already or you think it's something you want to try, this book is for you. The Dungeon Master's Guide assumes that you know the basics of how to play the D&D tabletop roleplaying game. If you haven't played before, the DuNGEONS & DRAGONS Starter Set is a great starting point for new players and DMs. This book has two important companions: the Player's Handbook, which contains the rules your players need to create characters and the rules you need to run the game, and the Monster Manual, which contains ready-touse monsters to populate your D&D world.